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Temple’s Sugar Bush Wedding | Cassie + Mike

templedPSA: Plan all you want, but it still might rain on your wedding day! If it does, the best and only thing you can do is just roll with it, just like Cassie and Mike did on their Temple’s Sugar Bush Wedding at the end of October. It was nice all morning even though there was rain in the forecast. We had a lovely time during our prep, but as things were about to get going with the ceremony, plans had to change. The outdoor ceremony was moved indoors and it didn’t stop raining until I packed up at the end of the night to drive home. Go. Figure. But, all was not lost! In fact, nothing was lost and Cassie and Mike got to experience a day they’ll never forget. Sure, there was dashing between buildings, several clear umbrellas (more on that later) and and a couple other plan b’s but one thing that didn’t change was that the joy and laughter that I’m guessing was just as likely to be present should the sun have been shining. So there you go. If you are planning your wedding for next year, don’t worry about the rain…maybe just ensure your photographer isn’t scared to get out there and get wet.

On that note, Cassie and Mike weren’t scared to explore, even if it meant getting their wedding clothes dirty. I’m always pushing the limits with my couples because my creative eye is bigger than reality and I’m pleased to report that most people who choose to work with me are the same way. Climb this. Go down there. Get in that. Usually, it’s, “ok, we’re cool with that!” You don’t know how awesome that is for me because I’m always wanting to give my couples more than what is ordinary, more than what is expected, more than what they’ve seen before. Usually, this means doing things you shouldn’t do in heels and a long white dress. So, just go for it, we’re on this journey together!

Cassie and Mike’s day was fun from beginning to end. I knew we were in for a good day when the groomsmen showed up with a round of beers during the pre-wedding prep…and there was one for me in there too! I would normally say no thanks and go about my work, but you can’t be rude when someone brings you a beer right?! That set the tone for the rest of the day. This was going to be fun, low key and ego-less. I was right. The theme continued throughout the day and I felt like I was hanging out with a bunch of my friends, which is no surprise since Mike happens to be one of my friends in real life. It’s a massive honour to shoot a friend’s wedding, but that’s a whole other topic and I know you are dying for me to shut up so you can look at the pictures already!

So, let’s do that! Without any further ado, here’s Cassie and Mike’s Temple’s Sugar Bush Wedding in all of it’s rainy glory.


templedThis had to happen, haha! Bridal_party_fun_umbrella_toss_rain_rob_whelan_ygkd