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Should I get a wedding album?

Yes. The answer is yes. Get a wedding album! But why? There are lots of arguments on the topic and I’ll talk about two of them here. One is techy and the other is emotional. I’ll talk more about the emotional one, but first, let’s get tech.

I deliver photos to my couples on a beautiful custom DVD (in addition to the album of course), a technology making it’s way into the history books. So, maybe I’ll switch to a USB or possibly an online delivery. Doesn’t matter, they’ll all be extinct technology by the time you want to show your grandkids your wedding photos! I’m not here to talk about digital photos though, and I’m certainly not saying they’re bad because that would be a bold faced lie! I love the digital age. I’m pro technology. It’s friggen awesome that you can shoot a photo and share it with the world, seconds later. Go digi-revolution! Then, archiving and back-ups of your digital photos comes into play (if you’re smart!), but that’s a whole other blog post. The point is, who knows what is going to happen with technology down the road. One thing for certain, however, is that printed photos will last far beyond your lifetime and that IS what this blog post is about!

My approach to any wedding I photograph is from a story teller’s perspective. There are the key moments that happen like the father walking her daughter down the aisle, the kiss, the speeches and first dance. Of course I shoot all of that, but for the me the real story lies in the moments between the key moments. Mimosas in the morning, a quiet tear with your mom as she laces your dress, reaching for each other’s hands during the ceremony and let’s not forget dance floor wipeouts and shots at the bar! Shenanigans! Spontaneous stuff that happens between the key moments, that’s what I’m looking for. That’s the story. Sometimes these photos stand on their own but I believe that they are strongest when they are put together in the pages of a book that you can flip through. The story of your wedding day, that’s the real reason for getting a wedding album. Oh and there’s the risk of leaving your images on extinct technology, but let’s focus on the story instead!


Sure, make a big print of your favourite photo and hang it above your fireplace (in fact, yes, please do that!) but there is no comparison to sitting on your couch and flipping through the pages of your wedding album, remembering your whole day. I promise you’ll smile every time! Your friends will come over for beers after work on a random Friday and they’ll flip through your book. Leave it on the coffee table and see what happens.

The people in these photos are one of my awesome couples from this past summer, Cheryl and Karl. I am a believer in the album and I really wanted to show off how amazing it is to have an album on your coffee table so I asked them if I could photograph them looking at their album for the first time. They obliged and it was one of the most rewarding moments of my 2015 wedding season. I got to see their reactions from page to page, hear their micro stories about each photo, relive the memories and experience their dockside wedding all over again. Look at the smiles their faces as they look at their album for the first time. Then, they looked at it again and smiled…again. Gah, it was the best!


So, there are two arguments for the wedding album. Interestingly, they are both for it! Technology, of course, makes sense, print your photos and you’ll never loose them when your computer crashes and USB sticks are no longer compatible. Good reason. BUT, the printed wedding album on your coffee table will give back every single time you and your friends and family sit down and enjoy the step back in time, time and time again.


Do you have a wedding album? I’d love to hear your comments below!